Wire to board IDC connectors

  • Wire to board IDC connectors

Wire to board IDC connectors

The ultra-small crimp piercing connector refers to a wire-to-board W-B connector for internal wiring of machines with a pitch of 0.6mm, 0.8mm, and 1.0mm. The crimp type connector harness with a pitch of 1.25mm or more can also be customized. Used in consumer electronic wearable devices; smart mobile devices, etc.

Product Description:

The crimping piercing wire harness is produced and processed by fully automatic equipment, ensuring stable quality even in mass production.

Realize wire-to-board W-B connection in a very small space.

LSTC’s professional piercing crimping technology can ensure stable quality even when extremely thin wires are used. (The smallest crimpable wire AWG#36)

Suitable for small size plug-in and safe termination, the product is equipped with friction locking mechanism or full locking mechanism

Product advantages

  • Save space.
  • Double U-shaped grooves are separated and insulated.
  • The use of plastic shell locking method improves workability, and the terminal adopts centralized contact method, which has a high degree of contact reliability.
  • A variety of standard wiring configurations.

Technical Parameters

Pitch 0.6~1.5mm
Current (max) 2A(only 26AWG)
Temperature range -30℃to+105℃
Termination Method to Wire & Cable Insulation Displacement Crimp (IDC)
Connector System Wire-to-Board
Wire range 36~26AWG
Fire rating UL 94V-0

Matching Parts

2D picture Name Product Series PDF product drawings 3D model drawing
0.6mm-IDC-cable-harness Consumer-equipment
0.6mm-wire-to-board-connector Consumer-equipment
0.6mm-wire-to-board-smt Consumer-equipment
0.8mm-IDC-cable-harness Consumer-equipment
0.8mm-Shrouded-header-side-entry-type Consumer-equipment
0.8mm-Shrouded-header-Top-entry-type Consumer-equipment
0.8mm-wire-to-board-connector Consumer-equipment
1.0mm-IDC-cable-harness Consumer-equipment
1.0mm-wire-to-board-connector Consumer-equipment
1.5mm-IDC-cable-harness Consumer-equipment
1.5mm-wire-to-board-connector Consumer-equipment

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