4.0mm SSL LED connectors

  • 4.0mm SSL LED connectors

Product application case

4.0mm SSL LED connectors

The 4.0mm IDC SSL connector is an insulation press-through (IDC) surface mount and through-hole wire-to-board connector designed for fast, tool-free single-strand crimping to LED printed circuit boards. IDC SSL connectors use insulation press-through technology to provide solid and stable electrical and mechanical power connections for single or multiple printed circuit boards for solid-state lighting or non-lighting applications.

Product Description:

  • There are four choices of 1, 2, 3 and 4 positions
  • Surface mount and through hole
  • Closed-end and straight-through
  • 18-24 AWG stranded wire and solid wire
  • Redundant dual IDC slots
  • Wire layout visual window
  • Color marking wire gauge
  • Tool-free crimping.

Product advantages

  • There is no need to strip the wire, just press down the end cover; install it on site, which is convenient for module maintenance and replacement.
  • SMT welding: remove the possible false, fake, cold welding and other worries of manual welding.
  • Parallel connection can be easily realized: suitable for interconnection of large-area LED lamp modules.

Technical Parameters

Pitch 4.0mm
Current (max) 8A(only 18AWG)
Temperature range -40℃to+120℃
Product Type power connector
Voltage rating 400V AC/DC
Wire range 18~24AWG
Fire rating UL 94V-0

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