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    We offer a broad selection of user-friendly interconnects designed to reliably connect to your driver with board-to-board or wire-to-board options, our interconnects deliver design flexibility and ease of use.


Our flexible solutions for interconnect applications reliably transmit power and integrate components in modern LED streetlights. We offer low-profile interconnects, in surface mount and through-hole board mount configurations as well as panel mount and free hanging wire to wire versions that are designed to enable faster and more efficient connections.

SMT Poke-In connectors
A 4.0mm pitch modular connector for Wire-to-Board connectivity. The poke-in feature allows for easy and fast installation and its modular design enables a flexible solution.

Welded connectors
LED modules For cable-to-board connections with flat cables, where space is at a premium. Plugs and solder-in connectors in insulation displacement technology, tab headers for THT and SMT soldering. For signal and low load currents up to 1.2 A, pitch 1.27 mm (.050″).

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