Our ability

Stamping, injection molding, manual assembly and fully automatic assembly equipment manufacturing, you will find everything in one stop. We can provide you with the quality of every link from product development to finished connectors:


Our stamping workshop uses metal molds designed and developed by ourselves for stamping contact. This not only guarantees maximum profitability and flexibility, but also enables us to monitor the quality of all aspects of the stamping process and meet the higher requirements of customers for products.

Plastic injection molding

We specialize in the production of innovative connectors made of plastic. The required insulation and plastic parts are produced using a variety of injection molding machines with different degrees of automation, depending on the product’s process requirements. For this, we use thermoplastics (such as PBT , LCP, PA, PPS or PC). Our factory has more than a dozen injection molding machines, and they use a clamping force ranging from 600 to 2,000 kN. Can flexibly adapt to your requirements and ideas. Most of our production process is highly automated.

Manual assembly and partial or fully automatic assembly

The connectors are assembled using machines and equipment developed and manufactured by us. This is how we can assemble hundreds of thousands of connectors in a week. Our efficient assembly can meet customer needs. We can also assemble customized connectors according to your specifications. Our universal assembly line provides you with the advantage of fast production time and shortens reassembly time. Of course, we also have an in-line inspection system, automatic printing/labeling and packaging.


All the terminal electroplating links we produce require strict testing. The German Fischer film thickness tester is used for high-precision coating thickness measurement and accurate material composition analysis, which can fully meet the laboratory and production requirements.