Design & Development

LSTC has set up a core R & D center in Dongguan, with leading product design verification and quality control capabilities.


R & D capabilities

We are committed to technical cooperation with partners to provide customers with detailed and integrated customized solutions. Through our extensive professional experience gained from the fields of automobiles, household appliances, industrial automation technology, and mobile wireless network communications, and combine it with our professional capabilities in electrical machinery. From initial technical discussions to development, design and in-house laboratories and construction of pre-production models, we are all strong and reliable development partners. We rely on innovative thinking to transform specific design and product requirements into high-quality “LSTC manufacturing” quality in the R&D center located in Chang’an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

Technical experts

By reviewing the entire product development process, automotive electrical component manufacturing is a key industry, and errors cannot be tolerated, and customer requirements are very complex and challenging. We have repeatedly asked us to do our best from research and development to final production, transportation and marketing. Go ahead. Therefore, our team is composed of engineering, electrical, drawing, and mechanical structure engineers. From the very beginning, we have invited customers to participate in all stages of the production process, especially those related to quality control, to ensure that we can continue to provide high-quality product. Our professional solutions start from creativity, add optional technologies and include production concepts. For us, innovation goes with the future—and with you. We design and develop all products and subassemblies for you—and coordinate product requirements and specifications with you and your other parts suppliers. We develop and clarify technical interfaces and control the initial input of internal and external designers as needed. We provide support for your project development cost and project timetable, commission and follow up model construction, and guide design-based revisions or specifications based on laboratory test results. Of course, we record key project data for you in the project management system.