• Cable

    LSTC can provide customized cables and finished cable assemblies, standard cable assemblies provide ready-made solutions.

IDC flat cable:

Multiple standard wiring configurations, applicable wire gauge: 24AWG to 30AWG, wire distance: 0.635mm to 2.54mm. The flat cable is designed for high-capacity termination and improves flexibility and extends product life. Multi-strand ribbon cable, with twisted and flat conductor combination, used to distinguish signal cables. Flat cables can be terminated to all series of IDC connectors on a large scale.

1.27mm pitch micro match IDC System

1.27mm Picoflex IDT connector series

1.27mm HFC IDC connector series

1.27*2.54mm HFT series

1.27mm Ejector connector series

2.0mm MFR IDC connector series

2.0mm MFS IDC connector series

2.54mm pitch double row systems

2.54mm pitch single row systems


Optional discrete cable assemblies range from 34 to 16AWG, providing application flexibility. Miniature durable space-saving separate wire system supports ultra-small wire-to-board applications. The rugged power system is equipped with independent shielded terminals, which can maintain reliability in harsh environments.

1.27mm pitch Discrete Wire Assembly

2.5mm Multi-way series

2.54mm pitch single row systems

3.0mm Micro-fit connector series

3.5mm Power Wire connector series

4.0mm SSL LED connectors

Wire to board IDC connectors