More automotive wiring harness systems

  • More automotive wiring harness systems

Miniaturized car solutions

Our series of miniaturized connector systems supports smaller and lighter electronic components, which can reduce space consumption, reduce weight, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

LSTC Forceful series connector and terminal application

LSTC Forceful series of connectors and terminals are usually used to connect subsystems including front lighting modules, cameras and audio systems. Such applications require the original connector to have the smallest possible packaging space and true automotive-grade vibration resistance.

Commercial automotive solutions

Commercial vehicle solutions to make commercial vehicles a connected car requires innovation-the most reliable cables, connectors and solutions are needed to provide power and signals for telematics, networking, electrification and infotainment. LSTC creates customized solutions that can withstand the most demanding conditions to meet the market’s growing demand for faster, higher-performance, and more space-saving connections.

Fine Power Connector System

The Fine Power connector series is equipped with a terminal holder option, which has better electrical contact reliability and mating fastness than competing products in similar high-vibration and high-temperature applications, which can save more space. The Fine Power connector system has a wide latch, which will make a crisp “click” sound when mated correctly to ensure a firm mating.

Rugged vehicles and commercial applications

Rugged vehicles and commercial applications may be subject to shock, vibration, or rough handling, providing greater retention and more reliable performance in harsh environments. LSTC provides different selections of single row and double row with 2.0mm and 2.54mm pitch to realize wire-to-board and board-to-board connection. Used in automotive DCDC, automotive drive boards, connecting drive controllers and drivers.

LSTC connectors are widely used in automobiles

LSTC’s automotive connectors are widely used in automotive drive boards; connect drive controllers and drivers; PLC current input; motor control; stability sensors; battery management; automotive DCDC; automotive lighting systems; nuclear radiation detectors, etc.

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