3.5mm Power Wire connector series

  • 3.5mm Power Wire connector series

3.5mm Power Wire connector series

Ultra-Fit Power Connectors eliminate same-circuit-size cross mating and reduce terminal backout occurrences. The space-saving, low mating force, high-density Ultra-Fit power connector has a 12A or 14A current rating, 3.5mm pitch, and is available with color-coding and mechanical keying options.

Product Description:

  • Multiple mechanical keying and color-coded options
  • 17% reduction in pitch over similar power connectors
  • Optional TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) retainer
  • Ultra low mating force terminal
  • Positive-lock housing with anti-snag design
  • Fully isolated terminals
  • Terminal interface with six independent points of contact(split-box terminal design)
  • Availability of dedicated / ergonomically designed crimping tools

Product advantages

Ultra-Fit Power Connectors

Ultra-Fit Power Connectors deliver color-coding and keying options that eliminate same-circuit-size mis-mating, and offer the tangless feature that allows the terminal locking mechanism to be incorporated into the receptacle housing.

Technical Parameters

Pitch 3.5mm
Current (max) 14.0A (tin),12.0A(gold)
Temperature range -40℃to+120℃
Product Type power connector
Voltage rating 400V AC/DC
Wire range 16~22AWG
Fire rating UL 94V-0

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