• Consumer equipment

    LSTC provides various connection solutions for consumer electronics


Products For Printers and Copiers.LSTC's Mini CT 1.5mm pitch connector are miniature wire-to-board interconnect solutions, This series of wire harness production capabilities have proven performance.

Wearable device
Let’s create something wearable, together. The engineering of wearable devices presents challenges in miniaturization and multifunctionality, as well as rugged design and sensor integration. LSTC provides a connection solution in a very small space, ultra-small crimping piercing connectors, wire-to-board W-B connectors for internal wiring of machines with pitch 0.6mm, 0.8mm, and 1.0mm, while also ensuring stable quality.

Home Appliance Glow Wire Connectors
The LSTC Glow Wire connector portfolio delivers innovative connectivity solutions needed for safe, reliable and advanced home appliance solutions.
The control display on a smart oven is the face of the applaince, providing a unique user interface that communicates with the convection control printed circuit board.

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