1.27mm Picoflex IDT connector series

  • 1.27mm Picoflex IDT connector series

Product application case

1.27mm Picoflex IDT connector series

The compact, versatile 1.27mm Picoflex IDT Connector System is designed for high-density power and signal ribbon cable applications and provides a highly reliable terminal design with locking and cable-strain relief features for a secure electrical connection in applications with high vibrations and intense shock requirements 2127WXX55900

Product Description:

  1. High and high configuration of polarized nails to avoid incorrect insertion of plugs and sockets;
  2. Can be equipped with gold-plated or tin-plated terminals, low cost, high efficiency, and multiple applications;
  3. High temperature resistant plastic shell material, RoHS-compliant lead-free reflow soldering process, the temperature can reach 260°C;
  4. 4. Applications with high vibration and strong shock requirements provide safe electrical connections
  5. 5. Suitable for flat cable wire-to-board connection, can be used for signal and low load current of up to 1.2 A, with a pitch of 1.27mm.

Product advantages

  • Compact, low profile Picoflex IDT Headers and Receptacles are an ideal solution for space-constrained applications requiring 1.27mm industry-standard cable.
  • A strong one-piece upper housing, robust multi-point contacts, locking features and cable strain relief provide a secure electrical connection for applications with high-vibration and intense shock requirements.

  • The system comprises PCB headers, cable connectors and standard ribbon cable assemblies in various lengths and circuit sizes.

Technical Parameters

Pitch 1.27mm
Current  rating 1.2A
Temperature range -40℃to+105℃
Product Type Wire-to-Board
Gender Female
Wire range 28 AWG
Fire rating UL 94V-0

Matching Parts

2D picture Name Product Series PDF product drawings 3D model drawing
2127W1655900IDT RECEPTACLE HOUSING Communication and Security
2127B16B6902HEADER-STANDARD-THROUGH-HOLE-VERTICAL Communication and Security
2127B16B6904-IDT-Header-Right-angle Communication and Security
2127B1655901IDT-RECEPTACLE-HOUSING-BOARD-IN Communication and Security
2127W1655900IDT-RECEPTACLE-HOUSING Communication and Security

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