1.27mm pitch micro match IDC System

  • 1.27mm pitch micro match IDC System

Product application case

1.27mm pitch micro match IDC System

Micro-MaTch Industrial, Ribbon Cable Connectors, Wire-to-Board, 1.27mm [.05in] Centerline, Vertical, Through Hole – Solder

Product Description:

  • The wire connector is provided with the wire strap and is suitable for the centralized termination of 28 AWG [0.08 mm2 to 0.09 mm2] ribbon cables.
  • Tinned contact design
  • Guaranteed minimum contact force of 2.0 N
  • Due to the addition of the positioning spring assembly, it can resist friction and corrosion
  • Contacts are fully electroplated: there are no exposed edges, and corrosion products will not move
  • The flexible combination of wire-to-board and board-to-board provides designers with more options for selection.

Product advantages

  • One of the smallest systems is only 1.27 mm.
  • Comply with environmental protection certification.
  • High cost performance.
  • From manual tools to fully automatic equipment application tools.
  • The micro match series provides wire-to-board and board-to-board selections and combinations.

Technical Parameters

Pitch 1.27mm
Current  rating: 1.0A(Max)
Temperature range -40 – 105 °C
Product Type Wire-to-Board /Board-to-Board
Gender Male-On-Wire
Wire range 28 AWG
Fire rating UL 94V-0

Matching Parts

2D picture Name Product Series PDF product drawings 3D model drawing
1.27mm-IDC-Flat-cable 1.27mm micro match series
Crimp-on-snap-in-housing 1.27mm micro match series
Male-on-board-connector 1.27mm micro match series
Male-on-wire-connector 1.27mm micro match series
micro match right-angle 1.27mm micro match series
Micro-match-SMD 1.27mm micro match series
micro-match-Through-hole 1.27mm micro match series
Paddle-board-connector 1.27mm micro match series

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