2.0mm MFR IDC connector series

  • 2.0mm MFR IDC connector series

2.0mm MFR IDC connector series

The MFR connector system is a high-density connector system based on a 2.00mm x 2.00mm grid pattern. The system provides complete design flexibility for wire-to-board (W2B), board-to-board (B2B), and cable-to-board (C2B) applications. 4200WXX14106

Product Description:

  • Available in gold-plated and tin-plated models
  • Early entry system crimp terminals that provide longer pin wipe for a more reliable contact
  • Center polarization key that prevents mismating
  • Locking ramps that provide a strong retention force to the header
  • IDT (Integrated Device Technology) receptacle strain relief (optional) that enhances cable retention
  • Locking windows that ensure firm locking to the receptacle Marking feature that provides marking for first circuit location

Product advantages

  • Circuits:6P~50P.
  • Center polarization slot.

  • Prevents mismating.

  • Marking feature.

  • Provides marking for first circuit location.

Technical Parameters

Pitch 2.0mm
Current  rating 1A
Temperature range -20℃to+85℃
Product Type Wire-to-Board connector
Voltage Rating 125 V
Wire range 28 AWG
Fire rating UL 94V-0

Matching Parts

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