• Communication and Security

    High-speed signals and reliable high-power connectors provide telecommunications and network solutions.

5G Telecom

The central premise of IoT is to not only connect people more efficiently, but to also allow for greater interconnectivity and control of machines, objects and devices. 5G networks offer high Gbps data transfer rates, low latency and high capacity which benefits both consumers and businesses alike.

An access system is made up of an access controller, card reader, electric control lock, transmission components and other parts. The access system you design is meant to secure the safety of personnel and property and should, therefore, be highly reliable and able to withstand harsh environments, lightning, and other events that can harm the system.

1.27mm HFT series
Support high performance and reliability in control system applications with integrated latching capability to provide positive retention between connector housings, and high-temperature-capable materials of construction. Quality, economical connectors suitable for high-density systems to enable board space savings.

Picoflex Ribbon-Cable Connectors

The compact, versatile 1.27mm Picoflex IDT Connector System is designed for high-density power and signal ribbon cable applications and provides a highly reliable terminal design with locking and cable-strain relief features for a secure electrical connection in applications with high vibrations and intense shock requirements.

Value in Connectivity

Economical design of the Micro-MaTch wire-to-board and board-to-board ribbon cable connectors meeting the needs of less demanding applications in the Industrial, Consumer and Data communications industry.Applications:
Home automation and alarm equipment, Mobile GPS devices, Lighting, Air- and climate control units, CCTV, Building Surface Control, Set Top Boxes, Audio- & Video equipment, Electronic voting machines, Pay terminals

1.27mm board-to-cable connector series

1.27mm board-to-cable connector series provide reliable solutions for Facility Equipment. Since its foundation, we have built reliability and achievements by developing products such as industrial connectors for facility equipment where high reliability is needed.Supports 1.27mm pitch discrete cable connector/crimp type and 1.27mm pitch IDC flat cable.Application:AMT industrial printers, Panasonic PLC, etc..

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