1.27*2.54mm HFT series

  • 1.27*2.54mm HFT series

1.27*2.54mm HFT series

The product is used to terminate ribbon cables and PC board circuits. The collective termination capability of this series makes ribbon cables extremely popular in the electronics industry. The connector can terminate 64 conductors at the same time, eliminating the need to strip or prepare other cables, thus saving labor.

Product Description:

  1. No Cable stripping; simultaneous termination of all conductors
  2. Terminates varying thicknesses of flat, woven, shielded (properly prepared) and other ribbon cable with conductors on .050 (1.27) centers as well as discrete wires
  3. Self-registration of wires–compatible product and tooling designs eliminate registration problems
  4. Positive, uniform latching of contacts and housing with cover eliminates cover warpage
  5. Receptacles with recessed covers provide positive locking feature for ejection style pin headers with latches

Product advantages

  • Easy, visual inspection of terminations during assembly; electrical probing capability after assembly.
  • All polymeric parts manufactured from a UL Recognized 94V-0 rated material.

  • Wide selection of sizes in all configurations.

  • Pinless headers with clearance-fit or press-fit onto .025 (0.64) sq. posts preinstalled in pc board.

Technical Parameters

Pitch 1.27mm*2.54mm
Current  rating 1A
Temperature range -40℃to+105℃
Product Type Wire-to-Board
Gender Female
Wire range 30 AWG
Fire rating UL 94V-0

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